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Instalação-Vídeo, 2009

Encontro Cego
Instalação, 2009

Vídeo, 2009

"Just Looking is just hunting, but it is not quite right to say it is only hunting. There is also something quietly hypnotic about just looking, something less like hunting and more like dreaming. It is as if the looker were Gulliver, tied to the beach by the Lilliputians but still dreaming he´s in England having a nice time, perhaps out for a stroll, but beginning to notice in some dull way that it´s hard to move and then waking up and discovering himself in a much worse nightmare. But unlike Gulliver, I never really wake up. Just looking is like dreaming, but dreaming fitfully, tossing and turning and knowing quite what´s happening"

James Elkins. The Object Stares Back