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Projecção de 42 Diapositivos, 2006

 “Junk” is a collection of slides/snapshots of an African American Family casually found in a thrift shop in Brooklyn, New York.
The 40 images were edited from 2 red plastic boxes containing thousands of slides (among other family snapshots, eighties fashion photographs, Halloween party snaps, etc..).
I frequently visit thrift shops and flee markets, and finding entire family albums, and personal family snapshots (from wedding picture to any casual events) from recent years, as become more frequent. Family snapshots seem to have gained some new commercial value and public interest. Images from recent years are for sail at a dollar or less per piece.
I was interested by the fact that people lost track of their family albums and history or simple unvalued them and expose their privacy and family moments to be sold to the public like any other anonymous object and that I was allowed to look and bye someone s private memories.